Marketing Consultant

Alliance Media is a consortium of Northland’s top creative talent with the ability to provide a total marketing solution for your business.  We’re your marketing team!

We’re a marketing agency with a difference because we’re independent, impartial and have no axe to grind – we don’t receive any commissions or payments from any media, ensuring a totally impartial approach to your marketing.

At Alliance Media there’s no flashy office, no staff in fancy suits so the savings are passed on to you.  All of our talent is Northland-based, employed on a project by project basis with tasks that directly suit their individual skills and talents.

Andy Mayhew

Media Director & Strategist

Andy Mayhew is Alliance Media’s Media Director and one of Whangarei’s most experienced marketing consultants. Andy has a unique approach when it comes to marketing, based on many years in the marketing and advertising industry.

Andy Mayhew began his career in retail over 20 years ago for Lion Nathan, becoming the youngest manager in the country at 23. His Wairoa SuperLiquor store became one of the most profitable of its size in New Zealand. Andy progressively managed larger stores over seven years.

Andy went on to open and manage a franchise Wakefield’s appliance store before moving to Whangarei to manage a Levene’s store for three years, during which time it grew to become one of the top rated stores in the country known for large profits, high morale and low staff turnover.

Andy moved into marketing with the national demise of Levene & Co. growing his sales base at Radio Network by over 300%. He became the top salesperson in Northland, winning the prestigious ‘CEO’ award after five years.

CanWest/RadioWorks approached Andy to work for them and within six months he won the National Award for ‘client service champion’ of the year. Over a three-year period he increased his sales base by over 300% and was awarded membership in the exclusive ‘million dollar club’ for achieving sales exceeding $1 million for the company.

Andy Mayhew formed Alliance Media because he believed Northland business owners need top quality creative and marketing skills. Alliance Media allows Andy to supply an ever-greater service and more options for clients in Whangarei and Northland-wide.